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    Old CVA Mountain Rifle range report

    Great story. I also have three CVA US versions. I built my first one from a kit in the late 70's in .50. Had to heat and bend the hammer to make it align with the nipple. We found a built but unfired kit in .45 for my older son in the early 90's. I found a factory built unfired US made at a...
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    Keeping firearms dry during storage

    I live just down the road from Houston. I have a large safe with a Goldenrod heater. It has been running for over 5 years. I pull the residents of the safe a couple times a year and inspect, oil or grease as needed. RH in the room is usually about 40-50%, but the small amount of heat in the...
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    My new setup

    The pack basket looks like mine. I got it from Panther Primitives around 1985.
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    What's Your Favorite Sidelock?

    My favorite for fun is a Chris Hirsch cherry stocked SMR. It's light and pretty and fun to shoot .40 caliber. My go-to rifle is a 1978 kit CVA Mt. Rifle .50 that has had almost 100 pounds of powder run through it over the last 40+ years. My absolute pick over all others in the safe for deer...
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    New kit build

    Why not? No dangerous chemical reaction will occur.
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    Powder Storage Shelf Life

    I don't know about any of the knockoffs, but real black powder is a physical mixture of the components: sulphur, charcoal, potassium nitrate. There is no chemical reaction when it is made, everything is just mixed together and can all be separated back into the original three components. Think...
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    Hammer and Nipple Not lined Up

    I built a Mt. Rifle kit in the late 70's (still have it and shot many 1000s of round through it) that had this hammer misalignment from the get-go. CVA covered it in the instructions. Visualize the position the hammer needs to be in. Heat the throat to red with a propane torch with the hammer...
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    Nipple choices question

    If you have problems with the fired cap remaining stuck in the hammer cup, try the Hot Shot nipple, top in the photo. The vent holes help fragment the cap to it doesn't get stuck. It won't eliminate the problem, but it does help.
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    Help With Stock Finish

    My favorite Mt. Rifle still shoots a one hole group at 50 with 70g 3f Goex or 80g 2f Goex. .490 swaged roundball, 0.016 ticking and CCI cap. Yours will probably do the same at +/- 10g powder charge. Lubes I've used that work fine in my rifle are: WonderLube1000, mutton tallow, bear grease...
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    An Advantage Of Slow Twist Barrels

    A friend of mine for 30+ years shoots a TC Hawken (1:48) patched round ball only. He has won many shooting events over the years with that rifle. Fast twist can shoot a round ball just fine, but the best load window, I think, is smaller than a slower twist. He found the right charge, patch...
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    New to me CVA Mountain Rifle

    Thanks to RhinoDave for the nipple chart. I saved that baby. I like the wire inlay around the wedge plates. That dresses the area up nicely. Should be a good shooter for you. I have one with many thousands of rounds through it, and is my most trusted rifle though very far from the most...
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    How do you reharden a frizzen?

    If you look carefully at the sweater in front of the frizzen, you see something flying toward the muzzle. It is either sparks or flint chips. I can't tell which. If something is directed into the pan, I can't see it.
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    Another gun show another muzzleloader 😉

    Looks great. Let us know how it shoots. I have one with thousands of rounds through it since 78. 70g goex 3f or 80g goex 2f. I use CCI cap, 490 swaged rb, .017 pillow ticking (uncompressed) and heavy wonderlube. My son has one in .45 and uses 65g goex 3f and .440 ball. Somewhere near...
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    Which oil to use on my muzzleloader

    My take on the corrosion test combined with the froglube GC result makes me wonder what plain coconut oil at 1/5 the price would do.
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    Which oil to use on my muzzleloader

    For storage, the best thing I found was Rig silicone grease. I still use it on ML when out in the weather. Works great for barrels in storage. I don't use it on anything that moves. I don't think I ever heard of Froglube until this thread. I did some searching and found this discussion...