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    .50 Wesson Rifle

    Who fitted that on for you? I have one of those. Fast twist right?
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    .50 Wesson Rifle

    You know we really hate you now...🤢
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    New range box

    Nothing like getting to the range with wrong size something or other or forgot powder or flints or whatever. Great looking box!
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    Covid Virus Vaccine shots?

    The nurse explained to me that some people's immune systems recognize the virus once you've had your first shot and when you get the 2nd one, the immune system opens up with a full broadside and you can get a little sick. The day after my 2nd shot, I felt run down and no appetite. Woke up the...
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    What powder charge to use in my Leman

    That rule of thumb works fine for some but not with others. I seem to get best accuracy with the larger bores I have with about 1-1/2 times as someone already mentioned but that .40 I have liked smallish charges. Try yours out and see but don't be surprised if it doesn't follow the rules.
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    What powder charge to use in my Leman

    I have an early Turner Kirkland .40 cal and it likes 30-35 gr. 3f with a .375-.380" ball and a .010 -.015" patch. You might even use as much as a .395" ball as some guys on here have done. The results seem to be all over the place. Your rifling looks pretty deep so I'd go with a thicker patch.
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    Where to buy a Coning Tool?

    I used one of his tools on several .50 cal. guns and they worked as claimed. Did a great job. Used one to clean up a muzzle that someone had dinged up.
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    Rear sight placement

    Here's a way to add a sight that hangs on tight but can be twisted off and won't leave a mark. Permatex silicone sealer and a Williams sight marked CVA. Don't tell Thompson Center... Have done this on numerous m/l guns I own, including a Navy Arms sidehammer which I glued a scope to. You can...
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    I am Picking Your brains

    Talk about the long way home! I have had UPS move my package around like that a little but not that far away. I thought it was to stretch the delivery time out because I chose the cheaper delivery option.
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    I need a new rest, what type of shooting rest do you use?

    Lead sleds work great but are just too heavy to lug around!
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    reputable supplier

    Same experience here. Great place to do business with.
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    First with the .17

    That's one big fox squirrel!
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    Number 10 Caps and Number 11 Caps Interchangeable?

    CCI 10 & 11 are different I.D. but if I needed to, I might try chucking the nipple in my drill and turning it down with a file.
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    What would you guys do .....

    Hi Buck, I tell you what Buck, as we get into these older guy days the body starts to go south and that’s just the way it is. When your will to live starts to go but you just won’t die, it’s these things we do for our hobbies that we live for-at least that’s the way I see it. I check in with a...
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    Looking for sights....

    Depending on barrel dimensions, Williams has a nifty little aperture sight. I have a couple of them glued on with automotive silicone. They hold zero very well. If you decide you dont like it, peel it off with a sharp blade.