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    Hot dmaned...a new federal holiday...LOL

    Pretty obvious he got it going just to try for more black votes. Maybe folks will start celebrating it by eating lots of watermelons after they steal them.
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    Heading to the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous in Raton, NM

    You do certainly meet a lot of friendly folks at those rendezvous. I have shot monthly matches for many years now, and they are the same way....lots of friendly folks. My old body is giving me fits now, but even at the matches I'm not up to shooting, I love to just go shoot the bull with all the...
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    Handguns and deer

    I loaded this up a few days ago, to try it out on a hog. It's a Sitting Fox .62 smoothbore. I loaded 35 gr. of 3f under a PRB and it's ready to go.....just haven't seen a hog since ! I was out when the sun came up this morning and had a nice little doe walk by my stand maybe 15 yards away...but...
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    Good day casting until this...

    Definitely a casting flaw ! I think I'd ask Lyman about it and they might just provide a replacement.
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    More Pesky Pigs

    I had that pistol custom built for me quite a few years ago, just to use for a plinker. It is a .40 caliber, but with 30 grains of 3f, it still can do a pretty good job. I have shot hogs with it before....along with targets, cans, etc.....
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    More Pesky Pigs

    Finally ran into #800 this morning..
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    More Pesky Pigs

    Shot #799 this morning....large boar, but fairly skinny. He sure had a nasty temper though ! I told my buddy that I was going to load up a muzzleloader pistol of mine to use when I run into # 800..
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    More Pesky Pigs

    I've hauled coolers full of hog legs to give to the other guys at a monthly muzzleloader shoot for some time now. Never have made any money from's just something to keep an old codger like me up and moving. I have one local guy that owns a doughnut shop to loves to process them...
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    More Pesky Pigs

    They will get there eventually.....just not getting rid of them !
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    More Pesky Pigs

    Sorry for too many pics, just couldn't figure out how to do it correctly !!
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    More Pesky Pigs

    A guy just needs to get after it and you can load up the freezer in no time .....
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    My T/C With Hawken With Rice Barrel

    You are going to be having fun with that one for many years to come !!
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    Moose Milk

    Been using the Windex for a whole lot of years, but I have always put a little Murphy's oil soap in with it as I think a little actual lubrication helps you to maintain consistency.
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    More Pesky Pigs

    I can't see us in the south ever running out of hogs to hunt. Daylight or dark with whatever type of firearm a guy decided to use....there is always a way to find more of them. I started keeping track of the ones I shot on one piece of property about 10 years ago and I'm at 797 of them so far.