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    Can’t Garden But

    I picked up 8 Blackberry sets, from around Ozark, AR, two years back and they are starting to put on some good Berrys. I didn't think about putting in strawberries this spring until everyone was out of them. Mike
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    New raised beds

    Bobbythe Hunter- great looking set up. Is the fence around it to keep out deer or what. I might have to put some hardware cloth around mine if the rabbits figure out how to jump or climb into my raised garden. Mike
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    New raised beds

    My wife decided I needed to build a raised garden. I did some research and decided to start with one, 4'x8'x12", treated 2x12's. I put some black plastic paint drop cloth then installed the lumber. Used top soil, for 10" then 10 bags of potting/garden soil and tilled about 6" of both till I had...
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    Current contact for Robert Hoyt ?

    That sounds like a great deal. I picked up a like new TC Hawken, .45 Cal, 15/16 barrel that doesn't look to be shot much. Very clean. I would like to get a .54 or .58 if that possible made from that barrel. I will call and visit with Robert. Thanks for the info. Mike
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    1st Possibles pouch kit

    That will be a nice bag when complete. Good idea tapering the bag width, bottom to top. It helps keep things in your bag better. On leather like you are using I use it for bags and other items and I use Neatfoot Oil. Several applications of it and it will be nearly waterproof. The Pine Pitch...
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    powerbelt help

    I will check around OKC and stores around there. I saw some on the rack a week or so back. And as far as bad track record, never heard that. I have been using them in my Encore 209x50 pistol for years and never had anything walk off after the hit. I started using them after I had the rifle...
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    Those are very nice rifles. Shoots great. I like that scope on the rifle. I'm curious how well the scope stays put on the gun. I shot one of those one year in Jackson, MS at a match in the early 80's. All I had was flintlocks and they wouldn't let you shoot a flintlock in a percussion match. Go...
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    Moose Milk

    I use the Moose Milk to clean all of my Blackpowder firearms. I also use it shooting competition matches. I cut my patch material in 2" wide by 36" long out of the .018 denim I get in several yards. I roll them up and put 4 or 5 rolls together with rubber band and I can fit about 15 of these...
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    Lyman Plains Pistol 54cal First Target shoot

    Good shooting. That is a great looking pistol. I had one in the 80's traded for and shot it some in primitive matches. It always did well for me. Those are good groups . You might get a little better group with 3F. I did in all of my pistols but you just have to try. You are right at the sweet...
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    Handguns and deer

    BLK HILLS, Don't know what caliber you are looking for but there is a guy about 30 minutes from me, Eds Contenders, that has a whole building full of Contender frames, barrels ,grips, fore ends, Encore frames, barrels, handgun length and pistol length. Here is his website. Eds Contenders This...
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    Handguns and deer

    If I don't take my Ruger Old Army I always grab this one for around here in timber or out in the open. MOA Pistol- .376 Steyr, 15" bull with MOA break, 2 lb. trigger, falling block action and Burris 3x12 Ballistic flex scope. I shoot a Hornady 225 grain interlock with Varget powder. The target...
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    I am Picking Your brains

    CVA Enthusiast, let me check my stash of molds. I know I have a couple of .490's some where. All of my .50's use either .495 or .500. One of my barrels was made by a friend and when he called me he said it was a ut-oh :oops: barrel. It mic'd .505 after he cleaned up the riflings. He had a mold...
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    Another hog

    Outstanding. That is a good size hog. We have them on our place but so far none have shown their pretty faces when I have my flintlock rifle. Congratulations. Do you butcher the ones you shoot? Mike
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    Red/Green Dot on Muzzleloader

    I have installed several red/green dot optics on side lock muzzleloaders for my friends in Arkansas. Back many years ago, Arkansas folded to all of the hunters wanting to use scopes. I'm sure they did their homework so they allowed scopes, no more than 1x. Try to find 1x scopes. Hah. One for...
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    Today was just for shootin, and ringing the gong.

    That is great that you are getting out after being down with that dang Covid. Glad you are on the mend. Good shooting. What part of Montana do you live. I have some friends that live there around Billings and Red Lodge. One is Mark Baker that does music, muzzleloading and primitive archery and...