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    Lyman Plains Pistol 54cal First Target shoot

    Ive had my CVA Mountain Pistol for years it does good on deer My son killed his first deer with it a 8 point buck . I have shot several deer with it I stuff 60 grains of 2ff in it and a round ball. Its good out to at least 45-50 yards never had any get up and run off yet.
  2. mark1945

    Cva big bore mountain .54 cal kit

    Always wanted a 54, have a 50,and a 58 I built from kits . Also a 50 Mountain pistol I built.
  3. mark1945

    .50 Wesson Rifle

    Heres what i ended up with.
  4. mark1945

    .50 Wesson Rifle

    I have the same Malcom scope on my 45/90 Sharps I had to rework my rear mount also to fit the dovetail . Had to also put double lock rings on it to make scope from moving in mount from recoil.
  5. mark1945

    Lyman Plains Pistol 54cal First Target shoot

    Sure wish they made that pistol in 54 Flint so I could make a mate for my GP Flintlock .I have my CVA Mountain rifle and pistol both in 50 Percussion and usually take them together on a hunt.
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    New Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    My 58 cal Pedersoli Kodiak Express is 1/48 twist and it does just fine with round balls or Lee REAL cast bullets and my Kodiak Safari in 72 cal is 1/75 twist only shoot round balls in it .
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    Thoughts on the Investarms Hawken

    I have a Investment Arms 58 ,had it since the late 90's been a great shooting gun no problems at all.
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    I am Picking Your brains

    All my molds are Lee and have been using them for years not near that costly and they work just fine.
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    Merry Christmas to you too.
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    Re Browning

    Laurel Mountain is what I use now tried several different brands and none compare to Laurel Mountain .
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    Old CVA Mountain Rifle range report

    I have one of the USA made ones I built back in the early 70's and it shoots about the same size group . It and its companion mountain pistol both 50's have several Deer to there credit over the years.The rifle was my first Black Powder gun I ever built or shot the pistol was the second.
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    What's Your Favorite Sidelock?

    Here's my favorites my 2 Pedersoli Kodiak's 58 and a 72.
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    Testing the LEE REAL Bullet

    I shoot them in my Pedersoli Kodiak 58 double barrel extremely more accuracy then I have been able to do with round ball in the Kodiak . Also use them in my TC Renegade 54 same results . Havent tried any in 50 cal yet guess I need to order the mold and see.
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    CVA Hawken 50cal. Question

    Sure glad the last time i was in that sorry state was 1966 for long enough to get processed back from Nam and get on a plane and get the hell out.
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    Fitting ramrod thimbles?

    I cheat and chuck them in my lathe and trim them to size then press them on and drill and crosspin.