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    Match lock

    A lot of effort went into that.
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    Antique Drill Press

    That was a great deal of money back in the day. Glad the land is still in the family.
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    Caliber Preferences?

    I shot a K hornet in a Savage break action back in the early 60s. Shot further than it should, had a small diameter scope.
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    A fun but not happy turkey hunt.

    Usually mice or voles.
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    Live edge bench/coffee table

    Nice, type of wood?
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    Display case

    I got my M1 through the Civilian Markmanship program. I think it is an H&R. Paid $165 I think. Fine rifles.
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    Display case

    Well done.
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    Nice bike ride today

    I had my first bike, a Harley in l964. My last bike burned in a shop fire about 18 months ago. Have not replaced it yet.
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    Help With Stock Finish

    I have used some of the Minwax stains that were over 30 years old and no problems but they were stored indoors in the warmth and no light. If they froze that might make a difference. I never had too good of results with a variety of stains if the wood was too soft, pine etc. Have used...
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    Stock profile alterations.

    Cleaner lines IMO without the wire inlay.
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    One more Mountain Rifle Kit done!

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    Some new wood

    Nice wood on that firearm.
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    Anyone Have Knowledge About Nosler Accubond Bullets?

    I have used the seconds for many years with good results.    The ones I have just seemed to have color/cosmetic issues only.    Otherwise fine and shot well and performed well on deer.