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    What is Your Favorite Modern Inline

    I have a number of different ones but my Sav MLIIs have served me well. My ULA Model 20 along with a Ruger No. 1 conversion are also good.
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    Quarantine again, projects

    Tell that to two of my relatives that died from Covid and several that got pretty ill.
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    How much

    Gun prices are off the charts. I sold a half dozen of mine recently way too cheaply it appears.
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    Veteran Roll Call

    I was RA. In Jan 1971, out as a Sgt in Sept 72. My brother and 3 uncles served. My dad and 5 of his brothers were all in WWII. Three in combat operations. All returned safely.
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    What this area is about

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    Bluing or Browning help

    I like the brown.
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    English Game Rifle

    Some of the walnut wood out of California orchard trees was called Claro walnut.
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    some observations

    For those of us that do not have unlimited centerfire seasons an inline is an option. Also we have muzzleloading seasons also would rule out CFs.
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    Forge Hammers

    Nice work.
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    A message from the legitimate President of The United States!

    He was a "lame" draft dodger not like the rest of us that enlisted.
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    I saw a hen turkey and her 4 or 5 young ones today in Ohio. They were smaller than an adult quail. For August I would have thought they would have been bigger. Perhaps the first set of eggs got discovered and eaten and she had to start over.
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    Bushfire Devastates Tilden Park

    Glad you were not hurt. A positive attitude like yours heals a lot of ills.
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    This rifle was built in the shop of John Manton in London about 1810.

    Actually some pretty amazing work being done today. Of course better materials etc.
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    Ever Use A Powder Wedge ?

    I had a 5 feet diameter Sycamore tree too big to cut on a large sawmill band saw. Supposedly they use some type of black powder device that split into quarters and then it was small enough to fit on the saw. Wonder if it was something similar?
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    This rifle was built in the shop of John Manton in London about 1810.

    Fine work for more than 200 years ago.