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  1. JeffG

    Wax, grease, or oil?

    After everything is spic 'n span, I like CLP.
  2. JeffG

    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    I use FFFG for less fouling. I swab between shots and use beeswax and olive oil for lube. No problem. 👍
  3. JeffG

    Non-Custom Hammer Pole 'Hawk?

    You might want to strip it, brown it or blue it, even rehandle it. But in the mean time you have a functioning 'hawk.
  4. JeffG

    Another hog

    Very nice! Congrats!
  5. JeffG

    Non-Custom Hammer Pole 'Hawk?

    The CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk would be a good choice.
  6. JeffG

    Your ramrod setup?

    When I hunt, I use the gun's ramrod. Hickory, with one end with a fitting. I like them long, for easy grip. At the range, I use a delrin rod. It makes the wood rod last longer.
  7. JeffG

    First 200 yard attempt

    Nice shooting!
  8. JeffG


    If they would just de-list fugitives like they did wolves, and issue some tags.
  9. JeffG

    Shooting sub-caliber round balls

    Properly done, a smaller ball and thick patches can be very accurate, and pack a punch due to a lighter ball going a wee bit faster. And yes, it is safe to do so.
  10. JeffG

    Keeping firearms dry during storage

    My guns are banished to the basement too. I bought a dehumidifier and keep the humidity of the basement at 50%. The guns stay safe.
  11. JeffG

    1st shot way off target

    I've had good luck wiping the bore down with denatured alcohol, and then a dry patch. Keeps the "first cold bore shot" In the group.
  12. JeffG

    Anyone finish barrel steel with linseed oil ?

    Cold blue or brown, and seal with BLO or Watco.
  13. JeffG

    HAWK I

    I might have a few...
  14. JeffG

    Hog hunt

    Good hunt! Congrats!
  15. JeffG

    A day at the range...

    And as an aside, thanks for the kind words everyone.