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    Some items I've made

    Welcome to the forum! Nice work, it's good to make your own gear.
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    Lyman Plains Pistol 54cal First Target shoot

    If they made the flint version I'd have a pair of them. As it is I want to get the percussion kit in .54, finished just like FrontierGander's.
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    My throwing knives

    Dayum! Nice work!!
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    Need some help and opinion to make a decision of 3 Muzzleloader rifles

    I really don't want to recommend for against a particular rifle. All are good choices. Are you able to complete a kit? What is your experience? Are you hunting or target shooting? If this is your first gun, stay with a complete gun, Lyman is excellent.
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    Help with a Leman build !

    Not really seeing the problem from here. What are you having problems with?
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    First with the .17

    Good shooting!
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    Just another TC refinish.

    Excellent work, very nice!
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    Wax, grease, or oil?

    After everything is spic 'n span, I like CLP.
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    Large amounts of fouling after each shot

    I use FFFG for less fouling. I swab between shots and use beeswax and olive oil for lube. No problem. 👍
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    Non-Custom Hammer Pole 'Hawk?

    You might want to strip it, brown it or blue it, even rehandle it. But in the mean time you have a functioning 'hawk.
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    Another hog

    Very nice! Congrats!
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    Non-Custom Hammer Pole 'Hawk?

    The CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk would be a good choice.
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    Your ramrod setup?

    When I hunt, I use the gun's ramrod. Hickory, with one end with a fitting. I like them long, for easy grip. At the range, I use a delrin rod. It makes the wood rod last longer.