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    Some items I've made

    Just finished another haversack and small pouch which I will paint today with linseed oil and hang on the line for a week or two to age and dry. Fighting Metastatic Melanoma, and up all hours of the night so I may as well be productive! Haversack will hold jerky, parch corn, cup, dried squash...
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    for love of the little ones....

    Had to get my gunsmith to index my .22 "drop in" conversion for my 62. There was 1/16" or so play between the conversion ring and cylinder chambers when cocked. He drilled through the conversion ring into the recoil shield and put a pin through the ring that matched a hole in the shield that...
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    2020 Hunting Results?

    Nice buck, where did you hit him?
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    tags acquired....

    I took to locking up my barn now, for what it's worth, as I have several pickup loads of cedar 2x4's, 8's,10's, and 1x6's and 8", as well as 4x4's. I cut down and pulled the logs out and loaded them on a trailer myself and had a portable saw mill guy come over and cut them up. Don't have a lot...
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    for love of the little ones....

    I knew I had all these "little" ones, just haven't gotten them all out of the safe at one time. Just added a 62 with .22 converter in it, but has a slight timing issue I'll work on next. Firing pin hits a smidgen of two cylinders and the cartridge rim. Have a holster from Indian Creek...
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    Careful what goes in the pot

    we, ashamed to mention it, but I do my lead melting/pouring outside under a big oak near the barn, always set up where the breeze is cross of me, anyhow, failed to look up once, and about half hour into working, I heard a "thump". An arm size rotten limb decided to drop about 3 ft.behind me. I...
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    Guns of the West paper cartridge kits?

    just remember to use Nitrated paper. Somebody makes a cotton paper I'm told is best. I only used coffee filters cut and soaked/dried but it isn't the best for handgun ctgs. Have used cigarette papers also but found them a little fragile when carrying, but they worked well in my .36 Paterson...
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    Where do you purchase supplies?

    if you will just type in "reenactment suppliers in the U.S." you will get a list longer than you may want to look through........
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    Covid Virus Vaccine shots?

    Got my second shot with my wife Tuesday, slight headache and low temp fever to second day, ok now. Wife didn't even get sore at shot point. At 74, am fighting metastatic melanoma all over internally, Doc said best get the shots and set it up two days later with a "drive through" in the Mobile...
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    Best Way To Antique Brass?

    Suspend the pieces in a jar above an inch or so of vinegar, not in the vinegar, it is the gas off that will turn the brass. I make a few air holes in the lid, suspension wire through lid and let the piece hang, check every couple days, Ammonia is faster, but if you let it go too long, it won't...
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    Powder Storage Shelf Life

    Forgot to add in an earlier post on powder shelf life, I worked with a friend and outdoor writer for several years, and still do on occasion, testing new firearms, loads etc., in the early 80's. He made a move 1/2 state away, and "gifted" me with a lot of smokeless powder, lots.... anyhow gave...
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    Quarantine time hunting pouches

    forgot to add, you can also make powder horn staples same way, you can torch them cherry red while in a vise and take pliers and twist the shank 3 or 4 times, then bend to shape, cut, file/grind staple points. Just a tad fancier!
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    Quarantine time hunting pouches

    Thanks Buck for the complement. Just starting a battle with melanoma/lung cancer, so will keep it in mind.
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    Quarantine time hunting pouches

    I just heat up nails, hammer them square, and bend accordingly, make my fish hooks the same way. I thought to make it all like a poor old boy someplace made them with what he had on hand.
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    Loose Barrel Wedge

    Right. I've done it both ways, and can't really tell you why I did it one way or the other, just "felt" right etc.....