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    Got some bear oil today

    like you, I render the fat slowly on the stove in a "wife" approved pot, skim off any solids, and pour through a small hand held strainer, mix in bee's wax from my neighbor, and sweet oil. Amount of bees wax depends on whether I'll be using it at the hunting camp in the winter or use any other...
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    Refilled my powder horn with the good stuff.

    have some of their 2F, initially bought it just cause I think the can is "pretty". I already have enough other BP to last my, and grandkids lifetime, however I just liked the darn can. Well we all got our idiosyncrasies......
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    I'm recovering finally ...

    sounds like there needs to be a "lawyer" involved here...... Glad you're recovering, hang in there and keep on track to getting "back on the range".
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    Getting the party started BIG titty-kitty

    Thanks for catching me up, last hunt there was 2002 or 3
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    Getting the party started BIG titty-kitty

    Don't know if this store is still open in Lewiston? Had some of Jack O'Connors stuff on display as I remember
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    Getting the party started BIG titty-kitty

    Roger! flew into Lewiston, hunted the "headquarters" area. Always went to the Lo Lo hardware store and bought Speer "seconds" bullets to fly back to Alaska with. I understand they don't do that anymore.
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    Getting the party started BIG titty-kitty

    got to eat big cat while hunting Elk near Orofino, guide was a big cat hunter and had some in the freeze. It was good! The other white meat. I wouldn't mind having it again, but they are kind of rare here in south Alabama and most of Alaska.
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    hang in there Buck, best to you, eat well, get the muscle back, and get back in the saddle soon!
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    The 5th show will again be at Joe Wheeler Stats Park Convention Center. Jan 8th & 9th, 2021. The lodge has rooms as well as several local motels. This is like a smaller CLA show. Great bunch of folks, both vendors and visitors. Civil War vintage percussion arms are allowed. I'll be on...
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    Hurricane outage

    After 6 or so hours on a chain saw and my JD 3203/front-end loader, I have to toss it in for the day. Have shoulder surgery coming up after Deer gun season, but now may have to "get er done" sooner...... Anyhow, I was very lucky, lots of neighbors weren't. 4th generation here on the coast...
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    Hurricane outage

    Been off line since hurricane hit, centered on where I live in Baldwin County Alabama. Power just on hour ago, been kind of quiet except for the chain saws going. Went through 2 of mine so far, parts ordered, no damage to any of my structures, but lost all 50 or so of my 25 year old planted...
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    a legal carry handgun to carry in your car that you dont need a permit for.

    Falcon, I stayed in the SANG vehicle compound from October 90-Jan 91, had a cot in one of the sections with a tarp for a wall. We flew the Alabama St. flag (white with a red X (cross) over our part of the compound, then I moved into Kobar Towers. Was a class A purchaser for a Ord. Co., the...
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    CLA show in Lexington

    yep, and Crazy Crow did post various rendezvous and encampments but they just posted they would no longer do it after this season. I guess keeping it up was getting to be too much,
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    CLA show in Lexington

    CLA SHOW, Lexington, I just got a note the show was cancelled, renovation work to the facility not complete yet. Next show of this kind I know of locally to me is the annual Alabama/Kentucky Rifle show, January, again, at Wheeler St. Park, west of Huntsville. I usually have tables, and this...
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    Fixin' Wax

    I use a mixture of beeswax, Bear grease, sweet oil (olive oil) with mixture ratio depending on what the application and probable weather. I also use it for wood, metal, and leather, cushion wads, patches etc. If I added a little essential oil of some flavor, I'd probably use it for chap stick...