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Started shooting a so called "Belgian trade gun" in early 60's using BB's and split shot sinkers, graduated to Dixie Gun works Minute Man year or two later, Have 8 long guns in both percussion and flint, cut the tree down several stocks are made with, and have a dozen BP handguns. I still hunt all game species with BP when possible. Started attending various Rendezvous around the country starting in 75. Last one was at Pelton Creek Wy. Handle is Long Leaf and/or Sgt. Pop (SASS) but many just call out ALABAMA and I answer. Belong to the Contemporary Long Rifle Association which long time friend Dave Wright introduced me too. NRA Life member since 68, Endowment since 90 or so. Friend to all........
Apr 17, 1946 (Age: 76)
Lower Left Alabama, or Alaska
Retired Alaska Nat. Guard and Army Corps of Engineers