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    I was walking home, minding my own business, when a Vincent-Style Rifle followed me in

    That's beautiful. Looks like excellent craftsmanship.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We cheated and ordered dinner from Cracker Barrel and took to Aunt's apartment and feasted there. Was yummy as always.
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    How to post a new thread.

    1. Find the forum that you think will best fit the topic of your question or information. 2. Click on the title of that forum, and it will open up to show you the existing threads of conversations. If one fits your topic, read it and then if you need more information post a reply asking for...
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    Testing the LEE REAL Bullet

    The video posts just need some editing. This one is working now. When putting a video here from youtube. Just go to the youtube address and post in thread.
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    Please send a private message to Jon and myself if you would like to discuss this. I do not...

    Please send a private message to Jon and myself if you would like to discuss this. I do not think this is appropriate for a discussion any one can see,
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    Getting use to new website ....

    https://www.frontiermuzzleloader.com Can you type that address into your browser and that should make it where you can see all forums. And I'm double checking settings on all the forums so you can see them all.
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    I hate cottonmouths

    Is she okay this morning?
  8. Angie

    Made my first ball bag

    @FrontierGander, if you will PM or email me the images I can edit them into that first post.
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    Just testing out this new home

    You have two accounts and names, soon you will be only bdsnooks. Give me a few minutes. Go to your account now and re-enter your password to make sure the correct one is active for you now.
  10. Angie

    Just testing out this new home

    I'm sorry, there's nothing I can pull out of my hat for that one. But, I'll ask the software guy to see if there is anything.
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    Getting use to new website ....

    Please ask in the upper forums if you have any questions that I can help you with. Have you tried posting a photo by a direct upload using the small paperclip with Attach files showing on the lower left side of the message box? It will open to your computer so you can search and upload. Or...
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    Just testing out this new home

    Have you checked with the envelope in the upper right side?
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    Hello Muzzleloaders!

    I will be more than happy to disable it from being used on this forum. As you know, we don't delete members. This keeps others from adopting an old member's name. I'll disable you now.
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    Hello Muzzleloaders!

    I'm new here as I know the software and can help with the changes here. I'm the angie@groupbuilder.com that is in the email you received. So, I'm a helper and if anyone is having a problem logging in, they can email me and I'll work on fixing all the issues that may have occurred in the...